My 2015 List – Reviewed

12/26/15. It’s interesting to look back at annual lists — you know, check out those things you wrote down before you had any idea how the next year actually was going to turn out. As I wrote down some memories next to each of these items, I realized how the climbing community and the people I share these experiences with really dominate my recollections.

Some things didn’t get checked off but I kinda like that… you’re never “done” with climbing. Excited for 2016 and all the adventures to come! Scroll down to see some of my favorite climbs from 2015!

xx, Shelma

(originally posted 1/30/15) I had grand plans to have this list of climbing adventures finished before 2015 began but that doesn’t mean it can’t happen now! The complexity and difficulty of these goals range widely… and to tell you the truth, I don’t imagine that I’ll be able to finish everything on this list, which is really more of a guide. It’s not that I’m a defeatist but that I’m dreaming BIG. I’m not setting myself up to fail, but rather I want to see how hard I can TRY. So here it is:

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Try something new outside my comfort zone  Plan a Women’s Climbing Festival!! Phewwwww.
Do a one armed pull-up – Not even close yet.    
Continue to work on becoming a safer and more prepared multi-pitched climber Read more climbing/gear placement books. Worked on simplifying and creating regular systems and checks at anchors and when rappelling. Practiced self-rescue techniques at the crag. Still much more to do. Also working on being a safer boulderer! 
Work on my weaknesses (slopers, pinches… too many to name them all!) Bouldered regularly to work on dynamic power moves. Created a weekly training session with the girlcrew and trained on the campus board and hang board for the first time to work on finger strength. 
Get better enough at crack climbing where I’m not terrified the whole time  Okay, I’m still terrified the whole time but occasionally there will be moments for like maybe 3-4 handjams where I’m in the groove before exhaustion and panic set in. 
Learn to tie a clove hitch with one hand. Boom! Watched a bunch of climbing videos and did it over a hundred times on the back of the dining chair. 
Project a boulder problem to send by the end of the year (the vagueness of this should indicate how little I boulder 😛 My first V7! Green Mamba, at Way Lake. So I only spent two days on it but that’s more than I’ve spent on anything and I racked up a couple projects for 2016! 

Go on another ladies trip! Cancelled last minute by a family emergency. 🙁
Climb in another country for the first time  Chiang Mai & Koh Tao, Thailand (Jan), Fontainebleau, France (Nov/Dec) and Siurana, Spain (Nov/Dec)! 
Go to New River Gorge
Utah is rad and I wanna climb there
Scope out the climbing in the Southeast –
I never ended up getting to any climbing areas outside of the Northeast or Cali this year. But I guess that was countered by the fact that I ended up being able to climb in other countries for the first time. These three are still on my list for 2016!
Get on Positive Vibrations at the Incredible Hulk
Check off a bunch of classics in the Gunks Star Action (5,10b), Directissima (5.9), Modern Times (5.8+), Birdcage (5.10b), Elder Cleavage Direct (5.10b), Wishbone (5.10+), Standards Roof (5.10a), Horseman (5.5), CCK (5.7+) and many more classics climbed. So many more to climb!!  
Climb more days outside that last year (2014: 47 days) 50 days this year! 

Climb and swim in a lake in the same day Reimers Ranch, TX. It was a river but I’m counting it! 
Hang, laugh, dance and crush with my friends So much fun with my crews in NYC, the Eastern Sierra and LA. Also good times in Europe with Sonia + UK folks, BD + Camping Siurana guys and so many others (like you awesome peeps in Austin) who made this year amazing! 
Make s’mores, drink whisky and sleep outdoors more often Delicious s’mores by Bennah in Rumney where reeses pieces were surgically inserted into the marshmallows before roasting, whisky drinking at the top of Shockley’s watching the blood moon eclipse after some headlamp climbing, sleeping next to the Incredible Hulk on a warm September night with hundreds shooting stars… just some of the memories that sweetly linger. 
Take out five new friends who’ve never climbed outdoors before David K, Adri W, Mike W, Glache + Rina (never been rope climbing outdoors!)
Meet more lady crushers through Flash Foxy So many crushers my heart’s about to explode!!  
Place a tricam in a pocket – Still on the lookout!
Try climbing something way outside my grade just to see how it feels (and then laugh at the senselessness of grades and sending) Tried some moves on Venus in Scorpio (V11) in the Gunks. Got through the first two moves and then immediately shut down. Glad I tried it, thanks Aleks + Jeremy for the encouragement and support!  


Koh Tao, Thailand. January 2015


Incredible Hulk, Eastern Sierra. September 2015


Positive Vibrations (5.11a), Incredible Hulk. September 2015.


Green Mamba (V7), Way Lake. September 2015.


Wishbone (5.10+), Gunks. October 2015.


Le Toid Cul de Chien (6c+), Fontainebleau. November 2015.


Siurana, Spain. December 2015.

Screen Shot 2014-06-12 at 2.59.22 PM

SHELMA(founder) I’m a California native in NYC and I’ve been climbing seriously for 4 years. When I moved out east, I discovered trad and have been addicted ever since. My loves are trad and sport climbing but I’m learning to appreciate the nuances of bouldering.  

On the daily, I work for an awesome community-based design nonprofit Hester Street Collaborative.

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