** The information below is from the 2017 Chattanooga festival. We will be updating the information as we confirm athletes and instructors for this upcoming year.


Savannah Cummins

Savannah Cummins is an adventure photographer primarily focusing on climbing. She has worked with some of the top brands and athletes in the industry. From shooting hard sport climbing to mountains in the Himalaya, she is working to raise the bar for adventure photographers and hoping to help  get more women into this line of work.









Jenn Flemming

Jenn is a New England native who solidified a love of climbing over a decade spent in Colorado and across the American West. She strives to be an all-arounder, with her start in a Boston gym nearly 13 years ago. She enjoys projecting hard sport climbs, pushing her psychological limits over small gear, hard off-widths, long routes in remote mountainous locations, and floundering on boulders. She has climbed and put up first ascents around the world in locations like Tajikistan, Iran, Bolivia, China, and South Africa. In her other life, Jenn is a humanitarian aid technical advisor, specializing in child protection and education in conflict and crisis contexts. Work and climbing have taken her to over 80 countries around the world, but she is currently back enjoying the beautiful rock of New Hampshire and Massachusetts while she finishes her PhD.

Jessa Goebal 

Raised in North Carolina, Jessa started climbing in the gym at the age of 9. Soon after, she was competing on a national and international level, climbing outside on weekends and breaks from school. By the end of high school, competition became less of a priority as climbing outside became more of a priority. Her focus would be turned to boulder problems and traditional lines in the Southeast. Currently all Jessa’s efforts are toward taking 20+ years of skill and experience into the mountains. At the moment she resides in Fayetteville, West Virginia, within walking distance of the New River Gorge and works as a sales rep and athlete in the outdoor industry.

Colette McInerney

Colette McInerney is a filmmaker, photographer and sponsored rock climber from Nashville TN. She has been climbing for 15 years and working in the industry for the last 7. She describes herself as a climber first and a photographer second, expressing how one passion lead to the other. Most recently she’s been working with Never Not Collective, an all female adventure production team who is currently planning their next big project, “Pretty Strong” an all women’s climbing film.

Josie McKee

Josie loves adventuring in the outdoors, laughing with good friends and moving quickly over large expanses of granite. She currently lives in Mariposa, CA, and feeds her passions on the nearby walls of Yosemite and the high peaks of the Sierra Nevada. Josie grew up near Santa Cruz, CA, where she climbed and competed on the youth climbing team. At the age of 17, she got a taste for the mountains with a trip up Mt Conness, in the Yosemite high country. From that point on, she began focusing her attention on gaining the skills to climb bigger and bigger objectives, then on climbing these objectives faster and faster. She has since set speed records in the Sierra, Patagonia and on a number of Yosemite Bigwalls. During her development as a bigwall climber, Josie spent several years working on the Yosemite Search and Rescue team. In addition to climbing, she became proficient in technical rescue systems, emergency medicine, and gained the mental fortitude to operate in stressful situations. Now, whenever she isn’t climbing, Josie helps people to better prepare for their outdoor adventures. She teaches Wilderness Medicine and Technical Rescue courses and Climbing courses with an emphasis on Mental Strength and Mindfulness

Kasia Pietras

Kasia started to climb at the age of 8 in a small bouldering gym in Chicago (Hidden Peak).  She has been competing since the age of 12 on a national and international level.  She started to mess around with route setting at the age of 15.  Kasia become a lot more involved in the setting realm within the last 3 years where she’s helped set over 25 nationals level events.  Kasia came to Chattanooga in 2007 to attend UTC and to climb on all the magnificent sandstone the southeast has to offer.  During her time in Chattanooga, Kasia started to work at TBA (Tennessee Bouldering Authority) eventually becoming the general manager.  Two years ago she become part owner of the gym and is psyched to keep the Chattanooga climbing community strong and powerful. 

Lisa Rands 

Lisa is a former Open National champion, the first American woman to win a Bouldering World Cup and reached the rank of number one in the world at competitive bouldering. Lisa inspired a generation of women climbers with her dynamic style, and her bold, gutsy ascents of climbs previously regarded as only, “for the guys.”Beyond winning numerous national and international events, Lisa’s quest for adventure has taken her around the world to Alpine spires in Patagonia and the revered gritstone cliffs of England; she has authored new boulder problems at the emerging climbing Mecca of Rocklands, South Africa, and has teamed up with legend Peter Croft to establish first ascents in the Sierra backcountry.Known throughout the world for her exceptional talent, and her drive to push herself both physically and mentally, Lisa is also recognized for her modest personality and friendly demeanor.

Chelsea Rude
Chelsea is a professional climber who has been climbing for about 20 years.  She grew up competing, winning National Championship titles and placing Top 15 many times at various World Cups.  She was part of the US Team for 12 years.  After competing for 17 years she decided to focus her efforts on the rock and enjoying her time outside.  Chelsea has redpointed many 5.14’s and V11’s, and has onsighted up to 5.13c.  While she is primarily a sport climber and a boulderer, Chelsea truly loves exploring all types of climbing: traditional, ice and alpine climbing.  She also began coaching when she was 17 years old and was the first female Youth US Team coach from 2010-2012.  She currently travels teaching clinics and sharing her stories to climbing gyms and Universities around the country.  She also works part time at the American Alpine Club and is in the process of starting her own non-profit organization.  

Flannery Shay-Nemirow

Flannery was born in, and to a large extent, raised in Denver, Colorado. She’s been climbing since she was just a young pup and is a graduate of quite a few defunct competition circuits. After an early retirement from comps Flannery started working behind the scenes: she has foreran most of the national and international bouldering competitions year after year. Flann has also been routesetting for around 6 years, both deep in the USAC establishment and at commercial gyms all over the country. Along with an absurd about of indoor climbing experience Flannery has traveled extensively, road tripping around the US for a couple of years and getting international whenever she can. Her tick list outside includes a handful of V12s, and more 5.12cs than she is proud of.


Rebecca Wykle, MPT, PMA-CPT
Rebecca moved to Chattanooga in 2001 with her husband; both led by their love for rock climbing and the great outdoors. She ‘cut her outdoor teeth’ in the mountains and foothills of her home in the great state of North Carolina. Her NC home instilled an incredible desire to help and heal, and from a very early age (8!) she knew that she wanted to be a physical therapist. She graduated with honors with her Bachelor’s degree of Physical Education from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and graduated with honors and with her Master’s degree in Physical Therapy from East Carolina University in 1999. She witnessed a corporate push for patient numbers, and she saw shortcomings in patient care. She wanted more time and a one on one approach to the profession. She met and worked closely with Keri Todd who shared the same feelings. Together, they created Peak Fitness and Physical Therapy, where she continues to treat patients and clients using a combination of traditional therapy techniques and Pilates-based exercises

Bethany Macke 

Bethany has been personal training since 2002. Her certifications include, Resistance Training Specialist (RTS), Muscle Activation Technique (MAT), and American Council on Exercise (ACE). In 2007, Bethany was introduced to climbing and has since applied her knowledge of exercise mechanics and load application in her climbing training. She is dedicated to sharing her knowledge of training with others to increase their skill and strength in the sport. In addition, she is passionate about overall well being and enjoys being a coach and motivator for her clients.






Allison Stowers 

Allison Youngblood Stowers is a licensed physical therapist who earned her clinical doctorate in physical therapy from Georgia State University. A love of rock climbing and a dedication to its outdoor community recently brought Allison and her husband to Chattanooga, TN. That same love of climbing and the rehabilitation of common injuries seen among climbers are what ultimately lead Allison down her professional path.

Josie McKee (see above)

Kasia Pietras (see above)