**Below is the information from our past festival held in October 2018

CLINICS (in partnership with She Moves Mountains East Coast)

Saturday clinics will begin at High Point Climbing & Fitness Riverside at 11am and will last from 11am-5pm. Sunday clinics will meet at their respective bouldering area after the Stewardship project at 12pm and will last from 12pm-5pm. You will only be able to attend one clinic or workshop per day. Clinics are $75/person and workshops are $25/person.

Saturday, October 13th

From the Gym to the Outdoors: Bouldering with Abbey Smith
Build confidence and gain valuable techniques for making a smooth transition from plastic to stone. Spend a day at the boulders sharpening your skills in areas of safety, ethics, environmental principles, proper spotting and pad placement, movement, fear management, performance, partnerships, and much more.
Type of Climbing: Bouldering
Ability: Beginner but all levels welcome!

Strategic Projecting with Nina Williams (presented by Adidas Terrex)
This clinic will revolve around the progression of choosing, working, and sending your next hard line. Clinic participants will learn how to set realistic expectations while working towards an overall dream-goal. There will be a focus on mental blocks, maintaining motivation, and the method of projecting all while keeping it fun in the process. This clinic is aimed at intermediate to advanced climbers wanting to bring it to the next level.
Type of Climbing: Bouldering
Ability: Intermediate to Advanced

Rock Climbing 101 with Kate Rutherford (presented by Patagonia)
Rock Climbing 101 is the perfect clinic for beginner climbers with little or no outside experience that are looking to lay down the foundation needed for a lifetime of safe climbing adventures. Along with learning the basic knots for climbing we introduce the fundamental safety systems. You will learn and practice climbing outdoors, belaying and the use of modern climbing equipment. After a climbing skills demonstration you’ll have time to practice your new rock skills.
Type of Climbing: Top Roping
Ability: Beginner

Basic Rescues for the Single Pitch Climber with Sammy Podhurst (presented by Scarpa)
Understanding basic rescue skills for the vertical world is an important part of becoming a well-rounded climber. Climbing is a two-way relationship between climber and belayer. Knowing what to do when things go astray is a critical part of the equation. This clinic is great for anyone looking to advance their basic rescue skill set, beginner to advanced climber.
Clinic Objectives:
– Using backups
– Belay takeover
– Pluck-off
– Counterbalance rappel/lower
– Ascending ropes
Type of Climbing: Sport
Ability: Beginner

Warrior’s Way Falling Clinic with Laura Sabourin
Being effective in climbing requires us to understand the consequences of our decisions and actions. In climbing the main consequence is falling. By understanding how to fall we diminish the chance of injury and allow us to focus attention effectively on climbing.
You’ll learn how to:
– Fall safely through progressive falling practice
-Give a dynamic (cushioned) belay
-Fall while clipping or committing
-Distinguish between no- and yes-fall zones
-Deal with fear of falling
-Focus on what you can control
-Reduce fear, and more
Process: You’ll start by learning how to fall on a loose top rope and gradually increase your fall distance until you work your way up to taking lead falls.
-Able to toprope 5.8 with no falls
-Climb indoors/outdoors at least 1-2 times per week
-At least 6 months of continuous climbing experience within the last year
Type of Climbing: Sport
Ability: All levels welcomed

Getting more out of Sport Climbing Outdoors with Anna Pfaff (presented by The North Face)
Topics include mental preparation, route selection, gear, anchors, reading the route (because it does not have colored holds!) and strategies for working routes and taking your leading outside to the next level.
Type of Climbing: Sport Climbing
Ability:Can follow 5.9 without falling. Experience leading in the gym or outside & lead belaying 

Rock your Rack: Trad Climbing Clinic with Jessa Goebal (presented by Outdoor Research)
Rally the ladies and climb some cracks! This Women’s crack climbing clinic will go over basic crack climbing skills, anchor building, learning to place gear efficiently and gear tricks.
Type of climbing: Trad climbing
Ability: all levels


Sunday, October 14th

Climbing Photography with Nikki Smith (presented by Organic Climbing)
Anything from iPhone to DSLRs are welcome. This clinic will help you improve your climbing specific photography and make your friends look like hero’s. We will cover pre-shot planning, framing, angles and positioning, jugging fixed lines,and more.
Type of Climbing: Photography
Ability: Beginner to Intermediate

Boulders to Ropes with Colette McInerney (presented by Black Diamond)
Are you mainly a boulderer who is interested in climbing more routes but feels intimidated about making the switch? This course will teach you what skills to take from your bouldering sessions and which ones to leave behind. From the basics of clipping technique, general rope handling, working sport projects, to more efficient resting and climbing techniques, this clinic takes you through the basics and best methods of climbing that apply specifically to sport climbing.
Type of Climbing: Sport
Ability: Intermediate

Mental Training Clinic with Hazel Findlay (presented by Black Diamond)
Improve your climbing performance and enjoyment with this introduction to mental-training skills workshop. You will learn about mindset and motivation, focusing techniques, fall practice, tools for managing stress, fear, performance anxiety. This workshop is for anyone who would like to enjoy their climbing more than they already do or for anyone who wants to improve their climbing. Must know how to lead climb and belay.
Type of Climbing: Sport
Ability: Intermediate

Intro to Trad Climbing with Sammy Podhurst (presented by Scarpa)
This clinic is great for the intermediate to advanced climber looking to bridge into the traditional realm of single & multi-pitch traditional climbing.
Clinic Objectives:
– Introduction & selection of gear
– Proper gear placement
– Anchor building techniques & station management
– Leader protection/safety
Type of Climbing: Trad
Ability: Intermediate

Intro to Outdoor Bouldering Clinic with Angie Payne (presented by Mountain Hardwear)
Brand new to climbing? Been climbing in the gym for a while and looking to make the transition to the outdoors? Climbed outside a few times many years ago? Spend the day learning or brushing up on your pad placement skills, spotting techniques, outdoor climbing mindset and much more in this clinic with Angie Payne. No matter how new you are to outdoor bouldering, you’re welcome to join us to enjoy some sweet southern sandstone and learning!
Type of Climbing: Bouldering
Ability: Beginner



All workshops will take place on Saturday, October 13th, from 11am-2pm.

Injury Prevention for the Badass Lady Climber (presented by Peak Fitness & Physical Therapy)
Allison Stowers, PT
Want to know more about that click in your hip or how you can ditch the ankle brace? What about that nagging finger injury – exactly how much tape should you invest in? Even better, want to know more about how to keep injuries at bay altogether? Join us as we work through the most common climbing injuries, follow along on a climbing warm up, and then we’ll finish up with a little ‘ask me anything’ session. I’ll be available at the end to chat with you about what might be specifically nagging you. All levels are welcomed!

Yoga + Pressure Point Work for Climbers (presented by Lululemon Chattanooga)
Andi Abode, RYT 200hr
As climbers, we put our bodies through a lot of stress. This clinic will allow you to take some time to show your hard working self some love! Together we will go through a climber specific flow to help you lengthen and stretch the muscles we rely on most as climbers. After, we’ll take some time learning how to use trigger point massage balls to release some of our most tense areas. You’ll leave these workshop with your shoulders a little lighter and a confident understanding of how to use trigger point massage at home. All levels are welcome for this workshop.

Route Setting 101 (presented by Tennessee Bouldering Authority)
Stephanie Sutton, Gym Owner
Learn the basic skills of setting boulder problems. In this workshop you will learn how to create movement, proper setting technique, and safety measures. You will have the opportunity to set your own boulder problem and work with the other participants to climb and critique the boulders, gaining the knowledge of what it takes to set excellent problems at one of the best set bouldering gyms in the country.
Ability: Beginner

Trail Work 101 (presented by Access Fund)
Kate Johnson, Access Fund Conservation Team East Coast
This workshop is an introduction to stewardship work. We will talk about the “what, how, & why” of trail work at the crag, including how to recognize problems, naming tools of the trade, and different structures that we use to keep our climbing areas sustainable and user-accessible!