**The information below is from last year’s festivals. We will be updating this page as we confirm clinics and workshops for the 2018 festival

CLINICS (in partnership with High Point Climbing School

Art of Redpointing with Colette McInerney
Colette will go over many different complete red point tactics for the advanced sport climber.
Type of Climbing: Sport Climbing
Ability:  Advanced
Prerequisites: Must be able to lead 5.10 or above

Intro to Aid Climbing with Josie McKee
Bigwall climbing gets a lot of attention in climbing media – Yosemite, Patagonia, Pakistan! Fortunately, you don’t have to be a Tommy Caldwell and you don’t have to travel across the globe to do it. If you’re interested in developing the skills it takes (for most of us) to get up bigwalls, you’ll want to take this intro to aid & bigwall clinic. You will learn:

  • What gear you’ll need
  • How to lead an aid pitch
  • How to ascend a fixed line (follow an aid pitch)
  • How to lower out
  • Efficiency tips for wall climbing
  • And, everyone’s favorite: how we go to the bathroom up there!

Type of Climbing: Aid Climbing
Ability:  All levels with a prerequisite of some experience placing traditional gear.

Safety for Bouldering: Pad placement + Spotting  with Chelsea Rude 
Pad placement isn’t an easy thing to learn so it’s key to learn the little intricacies involved with it so no matter who you’re climbing with – you will be seen as the ‘pro pad placer,’ both by setting up proper pads and also by helping all of your climbing buddies feel taken care of.  Not everyone takes the initiative to place good pads.  All of this is true with spotting too – lets learn together so we can make everyone we climb with feel safe and comfortable so we can all go send our projects!
Type of Climbing: Bouldering
Ability: All levels

Introduction to Sport Climbing Outdoors with Jenn Flemming
This clinic is aimed at those newer to sport climbing, or those making the transition from gym to outdoors. We will cover basics of technique and movement, including footwork and efficiency. Additionally, we may will learn (or practice) the logistics and ethics of outdoor climbing, such as cleaning anchors, clipping, and belay techniques. This clinic will be appropriate for beginner or intermediate climbers, as well as anyone that is making the gym to outdoor transition.
Type of Climbing: Sport Climbing
Ability: All levels

Rock Your Rack: Trad Climbing Clinic with Jessa Goebal 
Rally the ladies and climb some cracks! This Women’s crack climbing clinic will go over basic crack climbing skills, anchor building, learning to place gear efficiently and gear tricks.
Type of Climbing: Trad Climbing
Ability: All levels

Bouldering Movement and Technique Clinic with Kasia Pietras and Flannery Shay-Nemirow 
This clinic is meant to help you send your projects by using your body and feet more so than your upper body. The goal is to teach you the science behind climbing and show you how it is not all about how strong you are but how smart you are with your body. All the moves that we discuss throughout this clinic and play with on the boulders will go hand in hand with the Route Setting Clinic being held Sunday at the Tennessee Bouldering Authority.

Climbing Photography Clinic with Savannah Cummins
Learn the basics of photography, shooting climbing from the ground as well as from a rope. Savannah will also talk about how to work with athletes, brands, and create product placement shots.
Gear List for Climbing Photography clinic:
* Harness *Climbing shoes * Belay device (preferably grigi) *Belay Gloves (not necessary but nice to have) * Iphone, point and shoot or DSLR (something to take photos with) * Warm layers & bright colored clothing

Introduction to Bouldering Outdoors with Lisa Rands
Description coming soon…



Strength Training for Climbing
Bethany Macke, Certified Personal Trainer, RTS, MAT
Take your climbing to the next level by adding strength training into your weekly schedule. With the plethora of information available on strength training, it is a challenge to determine what is best for climbers. Bethany Macke will break down training into an easy to follow concept. There will be time at the end of the clinic for Q&A and an opportunity for participants to pump some iron.

Pilates for Climbing
Rebecca Wykle, MPT, PMA-CPT
In climbing, we are constantly wishing we could step higher, reach further, and pull in a little harder. Pilates is the perfect cross-training exercise to achieve those goals, as well as prevent injuries (like shoulder impingement and neck pain). In this Pilates class, we will discuss the core principles of Pilates and how they will benefit your rock climbing. Then you will experience a movement class to strengthen antagonist muscles, increase flexibility / balance, and improve core control / coordination. You will leave feeling taller and stronger and armed with a handout of some of the exercises we will perform.

Introduction to Indoor Setting
Kasia Pietras, Head Setter at Tennessee Bouldering Authority (TBA) and Flannery Shay-Nemirow, Competition Setter
Have you ever wondered how the boulder problems get set at your gym? If you have, then this clinic is the one for you! We will go through how to pick out the right holds for a boulder problem and guide you to set specific movements. We will talk about the forerunning process and different techniques to change a boulder problem to have the end result that you intended. After taking this clinic you should have gained a solid understanding of the route setting process which should help you decide if you want to pursue route setting at your local gym.

Injury Prevention for the Badass Lady Climber
Allison Stowers, PT
Want to know more about that click in your hip or how you can ditch the ankle brace? What about that nagging finger injury – exactly how much tape should you invest in? Even better, want to know more about how to keep injuries at bay altogether? Join us as we work through the most common climbing injuries, follow along on a climbing warm up, and then we’ll finish up with a little ‘ask me anything’ session. I’ll be available at the end to chat with you about what might be specifically nagging you

Mental Strength and Mindful Movement for Climbing
Josie McKee
Do you over-grip when you’re scared, even though you KNOW the fall isn’t dangerous? Do you say “take” while leading the same route you cruised on top-rope? Or do you frequently top-rope just to avoid that fear stuff all together? Does the desire to send ever get in the way of enjoying and/or performing on a climb? These thoughts, along with other mental struggles are the main culprits that keep us from climbing our best. In this workshop, we will work on techniques to minimize the mental chatter, so we can maximize the physical performance (and the fun!). Exercises will include: mental preparation for climbing, body awareness for effective resting/movement, and maintaining focus under stress. These skills will help you manage fear, find flow in your movement, perform at a higher level and have more fun!