Welcome to the raffle fundraiser page for the One-Day Virtual Makeup Event for WCF Bishop 2020!

All proceeds generated from the raffle will be donated to Brown Girls Climbing! If you do not want to participate in the raffle but would love to donate to Brown Girls Climbing, please email us at info@flashfoxy.com

Brown Girls Climbing is the first climbing, adventure-centered leadership development program based in the Bay Area of California and in the US. At Brown Girls Climbing, they aspire to celebrate the bond between young girls, who are growing and learning to become self-reliant women. Brown Girls Climbing’s exclusive purpose is to provide a safe space for girls of color to receive the healthy social-emotional and physical benefits of exercise and outdoor leadership. Their vision is to close the adventure gap for people of color, start with the youngest generation through education, imploring sportswomanship, and cultivate a viable community culture that promotes the inclusion of diversity, especially girls of color, in adventure-based sports and outdoor recreation. Emily Taylor is the founding director of the parent consulting company, TayloredFit Solutions, and creator of the vision project, Brown Girls Climbing Program.