Faces of the Women’s Climbing Festival

 Portraits are one of the most difficult forms of photography. They take courage, and patience. They require empathy, and attention to detail. I think of portraiture as the process of finding a person. It can be intimidating. If you want to truly capture a person, you can’t be afraid of intimacy. It’s personal. There’s no way around that.

What better way to showcase the women of our sport then? Climbing photos get us psyched. They inspire us to finally start that hangboard workout we’ve been talking about for months, or to buy that ticket to South Africa we’ve daydreamed about. Portraits move us. They remind us what it is to be human. Unique, and imperfectly perfect. Resilient, and fragile. Wild, nervous, and free.

I don’t want us to be strangers. I want women to look each other in the eyes. I see you. Do you see me?

-Sasha Turrentine

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