Girl Crew Ramble: Gunks this September!

_MG_3507Girl Crew in the Gunks?!

You F*&$ing betcha.
Female adventurers, rock ramblers, and eager learners coming together across our country’s greatest climbing destinations to experience and celebrate the magic of women climbing with women.
Presented by Flash Foxy, the Girl Crew Ramble hopes to roll all across the rock havens of the US in a series of unforgettable women-powered gatherings. The first stop is the Gunks!
What for, you ask?
Not only is the learning curve (and gender gap) in rock climbing a steep one, but for women especially, finding a welcoming network to enter and actively engage with can be immensely challenging.

But—we’ve found that the best way to break down these barriers is to provide our sport’s growing community of females more opportunities to learn and develop with one another.

2016 saw the very first Women’s Climbing Festival, which sold out in less than 24 hours, had a 160+ women waiting list, and nothing but positive reviews:

“There aren’t many spaces, both in time and physically, where I find women reveling in conversations about their passions—in this case climbing—without the distractions of relationships and responsibilities. Places where we’re viewed and valued as individuals who are pursuing their interests without consideration of what we ‘should’ be doing, or how we ‘should’ be behaving. This festival created that space, and as a woman who is very passionate about her career, traveling, and climbing, it felt incredibly liberating and exciting to participate.”

“Rather than feeling like I needed to be protected or feeling like I had certain roles I had to adhere to, at this festival, I felt strong. I felt free … at this gathering of women, we were encouraged to fully embrace ourselves as climbers, athletes, women, and whatever else we identify with because that is what is going to help us grow as human beings and collectively as women–especially women climbers.”

Our indisputable connectivity as women not only generates a sharing of useful beta when together, but it also inspires a level of understanding, comfort, and encouragement that fosters a larger vision of progress in rock climbing culture. For beginner and advanced female climbers alike, a women’s-only environment compels leadership, responsibility, and mutual support that encourages a future of empowered, driven females.


After experiencing the overwhelming positivity emanating from the first ever Women’s Climbing Festival, we couldn’t simply overlook the craving for more.

The purpose of these female-focused events is to empower, uplift, and support other women with a shared passion for climbing. The Girl Crew Ramble is our means of contributing to this powerful, growing movement.

The ramble begins at the Gunks this fall from September 30 – October 2, 2016.

We hope that you’ll support and/or join us for women’s panels, clean-ups, celebrations, and of course, incredible rock climbing. More details coming soon!

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One Response to “Girl Crew Ramble: Gunks this September!

  • My girlfriend signed up for the Girl Crew Ramble…excited for her(it was my idea)! She’s not always the most outgoing for this type of thing. Will there be a forum for her to possibly get herself out there to introduce herself(and her skill level) before that weekend’s activities commence? Just thinking ahead…I might be out there anyhow, but want her to have the chance to climb with new people…women.

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