It’s been a tough year over here with the cancellation of both our Women’s Climbing Festivals and our new Education clinics due to COVID-19.⁠ Faced with the financial strain this has had on our organization, we’ve decided the best thing we can do is to power down for the next couple of months.⁠

We are so thankful for the amazing community that we get to be a part of and we think this time will give us the opportunity to reflect on what we’ve worked on and envision how we want to continue to build up and support our community moving forward into 2021.

Even though you won’t see us offering events or posting too much on social media in the next few months, our online shop will still be open and a great way to continue to support us!⁠

You can also still reach us at info@flashfoxy though responses might be delayed. ⁠

Yours Truly,⁠
Shelma and Arianna

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