foxy fridays – jill

Foxy Fridays are weekly interviews with some of the awesome lady climbers that I’ve been meeting over the past year in the NYC area as well as at other crags around the country.

I met Jill last fall at BKB through Caitlin and I was so stoked on her enthusiasm. Jill set up the first girls only sleepover in December 2013 before the idea of Flash Foxy was even a twinkle in my eye. Rana, Jill, Caitlin and I hung out that night and spent the evening split evenly between talking about climbing and talking about boys. It was a really amazing night of good conversation and great company. One of the things I admire most about Jill is how she climbs — she’s always all in. Often times she will climb twice as many climbs as me at a sport climbing crag because she just wants to get on everything where I will succumb to just hanging out. This enthusiasm and go get-em attitude has continued through to her first year leading trad. I’m motivated and inspired by Jill and excited to see her continue to break barriers on her way to rule the world. 

xo,  Shelma




Bouldering alone at Climb Nashville, June 2014


Flash Foxy girl’s trip to Rumney in June 2014. Waimea, 5.10d


Before taking a sizeable whipper from the roof, trying to clip an upside down biner in September 2014. Erect Direction, 3rd pitch, 5.10a

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