foxy fridays: tammy

Foxy Fridays are weekly interviews with some of the awesome lady climbers that I’ve been meeting over the past year in the NYC area as well as at other crags around the country.

I’ve spent the last three days climbing all over the Eastern Sierras with Tammy and her kickass climbing crew. I lived in June Lake ten years ago but didn’t climb then so I was so stoked to meet Tammy via the Flash Foxy instagram. Her positive energy, sunny smile, obvious talent and adorable puppy make her an absolute delight to be around. I am so thankful for her showing me a whole new part of one of my favorite places in the world. Tammy has only been climbing for a little over a year and just redpointed a beautiful 5.11a in Mammoth Lakes. This girl is just gonna get better and I’m so excited to see her climbing progress and happy to have a new awesome lady climber friend!
xo, Shelma



Redpointing my first 5.11a, Chicks Dig It.

Redpointing my first 5.11a, Chicks Dig It.


Getting back on boulders as Bishop season begins in the Buttermilks!

IMG_7082 (1)

Aerial shot by High Elevation Films in Truckee, CA


Living in a magical wonderland allows me to do yoga in the best spaces.

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