GirlCrew Ramble – Gunks

The GirlCrew Gunk Ramble is an awesome event that occurred September 30 – October 2nd. Check out our photo album of the weekend here!

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Girl Crew in the Gunks?! You F*&$ing betcha.

Female adventurers, rock ramblers, and eager learners coming together across our country’s greatest climbing destinations to experience and celebrate the magic of women climbing with women. Presented by Flash Foxy, the Girl Crew Ramble hopes to roll all across the rock havens of the US in a series of unforgettable women-powered gatherings. The first stop is the Gunks!


Update: As of 8/4/16 this even is sold out. Sign up for the waitlist HERE.  


The registration cost for the weekend is $40/participant. (Current GCC members get $10 off!)
We are limited to 65 participants so please register early!

This includes the following:
* Friday Reception and Women in the Gunks Panel
* Saturday Morning Yoga
* Saturday BBQ
* Saturday Bonfire
* Free climbing at Mohonk Preserve after Sunday’s Cleanup (MP members will get a printed complimentary day pass instead)

This does not include:
* Lodging (please see next section)
* Climbing Equipment Rental
* Transportation


For an additional $25 per person, participants can add camping to their tickets.

This includes:
* 2 nights of camping at the AAC Campground (with showers!)
* Saturday and Sunday breakfast at the campgrounds

This does not include:
* Tents or sleeping bags

GirlCrew Ramble will assign participants to a spot. Each spot can hold up to two tents and 4 people.  We are limited in the number of spots at the AAC Campground so we will encourage folks to share tents!

Please see the AAC Campground website for their rules and policies.


Schedule is subject to change. 

FRIDAY, September 30th

7:00PM – 8:00PM      Registration and Check In Opens

8:00PM – 9:30PM      Women in the Gunks Panel at Rock and Snow

SATURDAY, October 1st

8:00AM – 10:00AM   Breakfast at the AAC Campgrounds

8:00AM – 12:00PM  Registration and Check In

ALL DAY                      GO OUT AND CLIMB!

5:00PM – 8:00PM    BBQ hosted by Gunks Climbers Coalition (GCC)

8:30PM – 10:00PM    Bonfire at the AAC Campgrounds

SUNDAY, October 2nd 

8:00AM – 9:00AM   Breakfast at the AAC Campgrounds

9:00AM – 12:00PM   Adopt a Crag Event in partnership with Mohonk Preserve and GCC




Fundraiser and Raffle for Advocacy Partners

Meetup Board – Online and Onsite


Special thanks to our sponsors and local partners. This would not be possible without them!


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Women in the Gunks Panelists

Elaine Matthews

elainecloseupBorn in 1943 – Wilmington, Delaware – home of no rocks. BA in art – U. of Minn. 1966, second degree in computer science 1980. First climbed in Minnesota 1965 with an original Vulgarian, George Bloom. First climbed in the Gunks 1965 with a number of Vulgarians. First climbed in Yosemite 1968. Partied a lot with the Vulgarians until moving west in 1969. First grade VI – West Face of Sentinel – 1970. Still climbing 2016.

Julie Seyfert-Lillis
screen-shot-2016-09-24-at-7-16-44-am In her 20+ year climbing career Julie Seyfert-Lillis has done first ascents in the Gunks and Wyoming, worked as a climbing guide (this is her 20th year!), and been a contributor to national climbing magazines. Julie has lead women’s trad climbing clinics throughout the northeast and Red Rocks during the Red Rock Rendezvous. (Stay tuned, coming soon to Wyoming!) She’s been pictured numerous times in Rock and Ice and Climbing and in Dick William’s Guide to the Gunks leading the big roof on Erect Direction. She appeared on the Discovery Channel in a segment about how women have an advantage over men due to their smaller muscles. When competing in the late 90’s, she witnessed the advent of kid phenoms including Katie Brown, who despite spindly arms, began to beat the pants of the women.

Whitney Boland

1452128194998Whitney Boland is a freelance writer and copywriter that currently lives in New Paltz, New York. Whitney has been climbing for 16 years and has redpointed up to 5.14a (sport), V10, and 5.13 (trad). She is on the Black Diamond, Sterling and La Sportiva ambassador teams.

Facilitator: Shelma Jun
shelma_wishboneShelma Jun is the founder of Flash Foxy and the creator of the Women’s Climbing Festival. Flash Foxy is a multi-media platform that was created in 2014 to celebrate women climbing with women and to be a place where women can come to feel inspired by and connected to each other. The inaugural Women’s Climbing Festival this past year brought 200 women together in Bishop over a weekend of climbing, panels, clinics and more. A California native currently based in Brooklyn, NY, Shelma can often be found plugging widgets into horizontal cracks at the Gunks or getting scared on granite highballs in Bishop. Her writing has appeared in Climbing Magazine, Outside Online and other publications.


What is the GirlCrew Ramble?
The Flash Foxy GirlCrew Ramble is a 3-day women’s climbing event to empower, uplift, and support women with a shared passion for climbing. There will be women’s panels, clean-ups, BBQs and bonfires and climbing of course!

Who can attend?
The GirlCrew Rumble is open to women and anyone to identifies as a woman. We welcome climbers of all skill levels but please note that we will not be officially setting up any topropes.

Where is the location of the GirlCrew Ramble?
Different activities will be taking place at different venues including, but not limited to Rock and Snow (New Paltz), AAC Campgrounds and the Mohonk Preserve. Participants will be receiving an email detailing location directions before the event.

How much are tickets to the Ramble?

Participants can purchase tickets for $35 and current Gunks Climbers Coalition Members receive a $10 discount. Please see the Registration section for more detail on what this includes.

Is there camping available?
For an additional cost, participants can add camping to their tickets. This includes 2 nights of camping at the AAC Campground and Saturday and Sunday breakfast. GirlCrew Ramble will assign participants to a spot. Each spot can hold up to two tents and 4 people. We encourage people to share tents. We are limited in the number of spots we have at the AAC Campground. Please see the Lodging Section for more detail.

Will there be climbs set up and someone to belay me?
Flash Foxy volunteers will NOT be setting up routes, hanging ropes, or belaying participants. Any rock climbing will be done at the attendee’s own risk and with their own gear. Feel free to come to the festival to meet up with people to climb…it’s all about reaching out and making new friends.

Can I bring my dog?
Dogs are welcome at the AAC Campground, Mohonk Preserve and the Minnewaska State Park , as long as they are constantly on a leash and the owners pick up their messes. As there are a few indoor events, we do encourage you to leave your dog at home if possible.