Below is information about our local partners, Bishop Paiute Tribe.


The Bishop Paiute Tribe is a sovereign nation governed by the Tribal Council, a board of 5 members elected by the General Council. The tribe is located at the foot of the Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains and is the fifth largest tribe in California with around 2,000 enrolled members. The tribe provides members with various programs and services and operates a variety of tribally owned entities and enterprises. The tribe is engaged in progressive development and highly values self-sufficiency, self-reliance, and maintains committed to being a strong self-governing sovereign nation. The culture of the Paiute people is deeply embedded with the surrounding environment. The natural resources provided by land, water, and air, have been safeguarded by the tribe for numerous years. The traditions of the Paiutes are alive and active today, and can be witnessed in one of the tribes many traditional functions and festivities.

The Paiute people who live on the Bishop Paiute Reservation are descendants of the “Nu-Mu”, the original people of the Owens Valley.

Bishop Paiute Cultural Center

The Cultural Center Museum reflects the history, culture, and living history of the Nuumu (Paiute) and Newe (Shoshone) People. The museum showcases the art and life way of the Nuumu and Newe. Included are cultural displays, Memorial Hall paying tribute to Native American Veterans and their families, Environmental Displays, and collections of artifacts, historical archives and media. They also have a wonderful Native Garden and a Walking Trail through the tribe’s COSA (Conservation Open Space Area). The Museum Gift Shop offers visitors the opportunity to purchase arts and crafts as keepsakes made by local tribal artisans as well as publications that pertain to native culture. The Museum and Gift shop are great resource for researchers and general public

We have partnered with the Cultural Center to provide two docent led tours on Friday, March 20th of the festival. For more information about the tour schedule, click here.

Bishop Paiute Education Center

The goal of the Education Center is to provide quality educational supportive services for the youth of the tribe and surrounding community by maintaining a positive, supportive, and respsonsible staff dedicated to the development of well-rounded individuals. The Education Center will monitor student progress, offer tutorial services, workshops, scholarship opportunities, college and career counseling, mediation, parent conflict support, as well as a various activities for both parents and students.

This year, Flash Foxy will be raising proceeds from the Raffle Fundraiser to the Bishop Paiute Education Center. For more information about the Education Center, click here.


Indigenous Women Hike was founded by Jolie Varela is a citizen of the Nüümü and Yokut Nations. In 2017, Jolie and a dozen other Indigenous women hike and recclaimed the Nuumu Poyo, also known as the John Muir Trail.

Jolie spent three months at Oceti Sakowin standing with her relatives against the Dakota Access Pipeline. Upon returning home she wanted to figure out how to keep the sacred fire burning in her own community. Indigenous Women Hike is her sacred fire.

IWD has created a outdoor gear library to provide equipment and education to all low-income families and individuals throughout Payahuunadü. To donate, click here.


Legendary Skies

Enterprises, LLC strives to be a model of wellness, prosperity and sustainability for indigenous communities.  Their unique blend of social enterprises provide jobs thru local indigenous cultural eco-tourism, as well as land and water restoration work, while offering specialized trainings and career development opportunities to their staff and partners. Combined with dynamic motivational speakers and top notch event production, LSE is a captivating organization making a lasting impact in Indian Country.