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Session 1: 10:30am-11:30am (PST)

Hangboarding, Abs, and Self Care! (presented by Deuter)
with Favia Dubyk
Avoiding training due to fear of injury? This clinic will cover ways to become a stronger climber and how to avoid long gaps in training due to injury. Learn proper hangboard techniques, fun ab exercises and body maintenance skills including the basics of cupping and myofascial release. You can fix a lot of nagging aches and pains on your own and I will teach you how!

“I Get To Try Hard!” 
Mindset and methods for the projecting process
with Josie McKee
This workshop will cover the process of setting goals in climbing and working toward them in an approachable and methodical way. Through lecture, discussion and journaling, participants will develop awareness of what motivates them and what stands in their way of stepping into challenging goals. We will cover how to set appropriate goals, how to approach a hard project and ways to stay motivated through the process. The workshop’s title “I get to try hard” is the first step in reframing challenge and getting excited for the process of working on your climbing goals!
*Please come prepared with a pen and paper and curiosity towards self-awareness.

From the Gym to the Outdoors: Bouldering (presented by La Sportiva)
with Abbey Smith
Build confidence and gain valuable techniques for making a smooth transition from plastic to stone. This one-hour virtual clinic will sharpen your skills in areas of safety, ethics, environmental principles, essential equipment, proper spotting and pad placement, fear management, performance, partnerships, and much more. Submit your questions one week prior to being answered during the Q&A. 
Type of Climbing: Bouldering
Ability: Beginner, but all levels welcome!
The Covid Climbing Starter Pack: How to get your mind and body ready after a long hiatus from climbing.
with Abby Dione
This hour-long clinic will provide you with the mental and physical exercises to make your return to climbing smoother.  From climbing technique to breathing and visualization drills, this clinic is geared towards helping you become more confident as you reacquaint yourself with our favorite sport.
All levels welcomed, prior experience recommended.
Session 2: 11:30am – 12:30pm (PST)

Introduction to Top Rope Anchor Building and Knots (sponsored by DMM) ** UPDATED**
with Genevive Walker
Acquiring the knowledge to safely build anchors is a fundamental skill to climbing outdoors. In this course you will learn how to build bolted top rope anchors and safely break them down. We will also cover a few knots that are heavily utilized in outdoor climbing. I will be using a homemade anchor board to demonstrate, which is basically a piece of wood with two hooks attached. It would be ideal to have something similar or access to a wall in your house with two hooks next to each other. Traditional gear anchors will not be covered in this course so all you will need for gear is a cordelette. The big takeaway from this course is to gain more competence in these technical skills so you can safely enjoy a day at the crag with confidence. 
Prerequisites: Experience with top roping indoors or outdoors.

For the Shorties (presented by Scarpa)
with Marina Inoue
Climbing as a short person can reveal a multitude of experiences, from frustrating to joyous. We all know that an average to tall person can never understand the full range of physical/mental/emotional feelings we experience as small climbers, so the purpose of this clinic is to create a space where we can explore that. I aim to cover a range of topics, from anecdotal success stories, alternative beta, training tips, commiserating together, and more! As the Wu Tang Clan says “Life as a shorty shouldn’t be so rough”. 
Mobility for Climbers (presented by Arc’teryx)
with Alannah Yip
Description: You’ve spent all of quarantine doing hangboarding and lots of pull-ups, but have you spent time working on your mobility? Increasing your range of motion and building strength through that entire range is one of the most overlooked ways to keep your body healthy and up your climbing game. This class will get you moving and challenge you in ways you might not be used to. Suitable for all levels.
Mental Health in Climbing (presented by Adidas Terrex)
with Molly Mitchell
This clinic is all about creating a safe space for us climbers to talk about mental health and how it affects us on and off the wall. Molly Mitchell is a professional climber who has achieved ascents up to 5.14 in both sport and trad, the latter of which only 7 other women in the world can claim the title of. Molly has also opened up about her diagnosis with an anxiety disorder and how working on her mental health has been an incredibly big part of her day to day life and climbing career altogether. Join Molly as she gives a short presentation of her journey, and shares tips that have been crucial to finding relief from her disorder and in turn drastically helped her climbing. Afterwards, the majority of the clinic will be filled with a discussion led by Molly. This will provide a space for people to share their own experiences and stories and learn from each other without judgment.


Session 1: 10:30-11:30am (PST)

Critical Self-Location:
Unpacking Place, Power, and Privilege in the Outdoors
with Erynne Gilpin
This workshop is aimed at cultivating a personal anti-oppressive practice in our Relations in the Outdoors. It explores concepts of place, power, and privilege in the Outdoors and provides helpful pathways towards mobilizing responsibility-based actions and accountabilities to our relations. Grounded in Indigenous Learning Practice and Protocols, this workshop will support learners with an Indigenous lens of Learning Pedagogy and application.

Session 2: 11:30am – 12:30pm (PST)

Be A Apart of the Change: Using Self-Reflection to Support More Inclusive Outdoor Spaces (presented by Warrior’s Way)
with Laur Sabourin
We have the most power to make a positive change in our own communities. We know that the climbing community has a long way to go to be an inclusive place- how can we use the skills that we learn in climbing to understand our role in creating a safer community? This workshop will address some of the key sticking points that we experience inside of ourselves as we navigate supporting positive change, such as not knowing where to start, feeling afraid of making mistakes, or feeling that we are not doing “enough”. We will explore how to take feedback and learn from it, how to approach tough conversations, and how to lower barriers to effective action. All of this will be centered on the lessons that we learn about resiliency and approaching risk in climbing through the Warrior’s Way mental training method.