CLINICS (in partnership with Space Below Your Feet)

Saturday clinics will begin at High Point Climbing & Fitness Riverside at 11am and will last from 11am-5:30pm. Sunday clinics will meet at their respective bouldering area after the Stewardship project at 12pm and will last from 12:30-6:30pm. You will only be able to attend one clinic or workshop per day. Clinics are $75/person and workshops are $25/person with the exception of the two-day clinic that is $150/person and the Climbing Stewardship in Your Community workshop which is free!

To register for clinics and workshops please, click here. A password is required that has been emailed to participants with registration information. If you have not receoved a password, please email

Saturday, October 26th

Intro to Bouldering Clinic with Colette McInerney (presented by Black Diamond)
Interested in learning more about rock climbing? This intro to bouldering clinic is a great way to learn some basic skills and introductory info about bouldering and rock climbing over all. From learning about movement and technique on the rock, to basic skill management such as pad placement and spotting, this introductory course is a great way to get started outdoor bouldering
Type of Climbing: Bouldering
Ability: Beginner

Movement for Beginners Clinic with Marina Inoue (presented by Scarpa)
A clinic for beginner climbers on top rope. We will go over basic techniques for footwork, full-body movement. 
Please provide your own personal climbing gear i.e helmet, belay device, chalk, and climbing shoes.
Type of Climbing: Toprope
Prereqs: Must know how to safely belay and tie your own knot.
Ability: Beginner

Perfect your Projecting Skills Clinic with Molly Mitchell (presented by Adidas Outdoors)
Learn tips on how to project more efficiently – how to set goals and make a plan to attack them. Learn from failure and celebrate your small victories. Projecting can be a difficult process with a lot of failure involved – but these tips from a professional climber will help the process seem much more valuable and worthwhile. Molly Mitchell is a 5.14 trad and sport climber – and she got there through lots of projecting and patience which she wants to share with others.
Type of Climbing: Sport
Prereqs: projecting 5.10
: Intermediate

Rock Climbing 101 Clinic with Lizzy VanPatten
Rock Climbing 101 is the perfect clinic for beginner climbers with little or no outside experience that are looking to lay down the foundation needed for a lifetime of safe climbing adventures. Along with learning the basic knots for climbing we introduce the fundamental safety systems. You will learn and practice climbing outdoors, belaying and the use of modern climbing equipment. After a climbing skills demonstration you’ll have time to practice your new rock skills.
Type of Climbing: Top Roping
Ability: Beginner

Trad is Rad! Intermediate Trad Clinic with Kate Rutherford (presented by Patagonia)
The details defined, join crack climbing lover Kate Rutherford for tips and tricks to be safe, efficient and confident in your trad climbing pursuits. From splitters, to new routes in the mountains to big wall tactics, there is a lot to learn. Participants should expect to do some climbing (2-3 pitches) but the majority of the class will be on the ground getting hands-on practice. Come with your cams and questions for a fun day of anchor building, crack climbing technique and friendly banter. 
Type of Climbing: Traditional
Prereqs: know how to top-rope and lead belay, previous experience placing trad gear
Ability: Intermediate Trad

V-UP! : Intro to Bouldering Clinic with Abby Dione
Learn the fundamentals of outdoor bouldering. In this hands-on experience, well focus on building the skills you need to make the smooth transition from plastic to stone.  Proper spotting, pad placement, climbing etiquette, movement, and fear management are a few of the things that youll learn in a fun and supportive environment.
Type of Climbing: Bouldering
Ability: Beginner but all levels welcome!

Warrior’s Way Falling Clinic with Laur Sabourin
Being effective in climbing requires us to understand the consequences of our decisions and actions. In climbing the main consequence is falling. By understanding how to fall we diminish the chance of injury and allow us to focus attention effectively on climbing.
You’ll learn how to:
– Fall safely through progressive falling practice
-Give a dynamic (cushioned) belay
-Fall while clipping or committing
-Distinguish between no- and yes-fall zones
-Deal with fear of falling
-Focus on what you can control
-Reduce fear, and more
Process: You’ll start by learning how to fall on a loose top rope and gradually increase your fall distance until you work your way up to taking lead falls.
-Able to toprope 5.8 with no falls
-Climb indoors/outdoors at least 1-2 times per week
-At least 6 months of continuous climbing experience within the last year
Type of Climbing: Sport
Ability: All levels welcomed

Saturday and Sunday, October 26-27th

This two-day clinic will begin at High Point Climbing Riverside at 11am and will last from 11am-5:30pm on Saturday and then meet back up at the respective climbing area on Sunday at 12:30 till 6:30pm. 

Trad-ify Your Life Clinic with Becca Droz (presented by Outdoor Research)
Have you always wanted to learn to place gear properly, build traditional anchors and then practice it with feedback?! This 2-day clinic is for the outdoor climber looking to step into the wonderful world of traditional climbing. Experience lead climbing will be helpful, but not necessary.
Day 1: Ground School
– Traditional gear placement
– Anchor building techniques & station management
Day 2: Mock Trad – Leading 
– Practicing placing gear while on top-rope with feedback from the instructor
– Risk assessment and managing stress on lead
Type of Climbing: Traditional
Ability: all levels

Sunday, October 27th

Climbing Photography Clinic with Nikki Smith (presented by REI)
Anything from iPhone to DSLRs are welcome. This clinic will help you improve your climbing specific photography and make your friends look like heroes. We will cover pre-shot planning, framing, angles and positioning, jugging fixed lines, and more.
Type of Climbing: Photography
Ability: Beginner to Intermediate

From the Gym to the Outdoors: Bouldering Clinic with Abbey Smith (presented by La Sportiva)
Build confidence and gain valuable techniques for making a smooth transition from plastic to stone. Spend a day at the boulders sharpening your skills in areas of safety, ethics, environmental principles, proper spotting and pad placement, movement, fear management, performance, partnerships, and much more.
Type of Climbing: Bouldering
Ability: Beginner but all levels welcome!

How to Climb Five Eleven: Intermediate Sport Climbing Clinic with Abby Dione
This clinic will give you an opportunity to practice the art of redpointing, and learn the physical and mental demands of climbing at the 5.11 level outdoors.  Discover the joy and understand the fear that exists in the process of your climbing growth.
Type of Climbing: Sport
Prereqs: comfortable climbing 5.10
: Intermediate with a hunger in your belly!

Learn to Lead Clinic with Lizzy VanPatten
Learn to Lead is a clinic for climbers with little to no leading experience that are wanting to build the foundation to take the sharp end. You will learn and practice the fundamentals of lead climbing from the safety of a top rope, giving you the opportunity to practice your new skills without the risk of a lead fall.
Type of Climbing: Mock leading
Ability: Beginner/intermediate

Motivation in Training Clinic with Anna Liina Laitinen (presented by Black Diamond)
Motivation – It is easy to be motivated on climbing but sometimes pushing your limits either outdoors or indoor requires motivation to do the hard work, start it and maintain it for achieving the goals. In this clinic, you’ll learn some simple tools for getting motivation and maintaining it on hard training or red pointing.
Type of Climbing: Bouldering
Ability: All levels welcomed!
Rock Rescue Clinic with Jasmine Caton (presented by Patagonia)
In this clinic, participants will learn and practice tools for problem solving challenging situations in a multi-pitch environment. Tools taught include escaping the belay, lowering systems, raising systems, rope ascending and tandem rappels.
Type of Climbing: rescue techniques
PrereqsNeed to be comfortable with knots, belaying and some concept of multi-pitch climbing
Ability: Intermediate to advanced

Rock your Rack: Trad Climbing Clinic with Jessa Goebel (presented by Outdoor Research)
Rally the ladies and rock your (trad) rack! This women’s trad clinic will go over basic gear placing skills, anchor building, anchor transitions, and tips and tricks for trad climbing. This clinic is a ground school clinic. If you have your own rack, bring it with you! Type of Climbing: Trad climbing
Ability: all levels


All workshops will take place on Saturday, October 26th, from 11am-2pm and meet at High Point Riverside.

Brown Girls Climb: Tools for Self-Advocacy as a WOC in Rock Climbing
Laura Edmondson
This workshop is for identifying women/femmes of color. Laura Edmondson, a national Brown Girls Climb leader, will facilitate a conversation about navigating the climbing community and open space for others to share their own experiences. This workshop will also touch on how to better advocate for ourselves in a predominantly cis-white male climbing culture. This workshop, originally developed by BGC leader Jael Berger, will provide specific tools for participants to take home and use in the climbing community and beyond.

Climbing Stewardship in Your Community: Putting the pieces in motion to take care of the crags you love
Andrea Hassler
**There is no additional registration fee for this workshop.
Climbing brings us together. It grounds us, creating opportunities to connect with ourselves, our community, and the places we visit. As our community grows, those places are steadily impacted by our use. It is our responsibility as climbers to give back and take care of those places – but how? This workshop will look at what it means to be a steward, including the many different ways we can help protect climbing areas. We will discuss tools and tactics for planning community stewardship efforts as well as the role of conservation through climbing. We will finish with a workshop-style brainstorming session designed to get you thinking systematically about what you can do within your own community to support resiliency in climbing. Consider this – we are a part of, not apart from, the places that we climb. Knowing that, the question remains – what can I do to give back?
Ability: All levels welcomed!

Injury Prevention in Climbing
Amy Brown, BS, PTA, LMT, CSCS
Wear comfortable clothing. Class will include fundamentals on building a healthy training program for yourself.  This includes defining a proper warm up, mobility, balance, strength, skill drills, and of course lots of tips on stability exercises for Pre-hab!
Ability: All levels welcomed!

No Fluff, No Bulk: Simple and Effective Strength Training
Jess West, NASM CPT
In this workshop, climbers will learn how to effectively strengthen and tone their bodies without the fear of ‘bulking up’. Topics will include fundamentals of strength training including ideal session sequence and equipment, practicing good form, and programming basics. It will be an interactive workshop where participants will collectively build and execute a training session from warm up to cool down! Proper exercise attire strongly recommended.
Ability: All levels welcomed!

Off The Mat and On The Wall
Dominique Davis, RYT 200
In this workshop, we will bring the principles and practices of yoga from the studio to the crag and learn how to incorporate them into our climbing routine. We will explore the benefits of mantra meditation to overcome self-doubt and negative thoughts by creating our own personal mantra to use. You will have the opportunity to learn how to control and regulate your breathing through the practice of pranayama and discover your ability to remain calm under pressure by shifting the focus to the present moment and letting go of fear. Finally, we will find our flow in a 90-minute climbing-specific asana practice to help you float through the crux; focusing on hip mobility, core strength, balance, and flexibility. Come ready to move, breathe and connect. Only ability needed is the willingness to step out of your comfort zone and have fun. 
Ability: All levels!