We are excited to announce the NEW national Flash Foxy Education Program!

The Flash Foxy Education Program will offer opportunities nationwide for climbers to develop skills in preparation for recreating outdoors. We will provide comprehensive courses, with national curriculum standards, for recreational climbers to learn safety standards and preferred practices (including technical systems and environmental/social responsibility) across a variety of climbing disciplines. Our instructors are women, enbies, BIPOC and other folks from under-represented groups. Instructors are also AMGA-certified and receive comprehensive training in our curriculum from our Education Manager and curriculum creator, Josie McKee.

The goal of Flash Foxy Education is to provide a nationwide standard curriculum for climbers to learn safe techniques and preferred practices across a variety of climbing disciplines. To do this, we need your input! We have put together this survey to gauge interest and understand the educational needs of our community. Please take a few minutes to answer these questions, so Flash Foxy Education can help you meet YOUR climbing goals!